Five Ways to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Moving into a new home or apartment is a big change, and once you have finished unpacking and have had a few days to rest, the first order of business is to make this new space feel like home. As you are decorating, keep these five tips in mind to help create the cozy and […]

Finding Pet-Friendly Materials to Furnish Your Home

For families with pets, purchasing new furniture includes even bigger decisions that color and style. You want to find pieces that you love – and that accentuate your home aesthetic – but you also want them to maintain their beautiful new appearance. Which we know can be tough with a cat lounging across the back […]

Interior Design Trends for Spring and Summer 2016

  After a long winter season where cozy throws and dark, rich hues reigned supreme, many homeowners are looking for a way to bring the warm and cheery summer sun inside. If you are among the individuals who would like to brighten up your interior to match the season, there are many different ways to […]

Welcome Guests into Your Home with an Updated Entryway

  The first space that your guests see when entering your home, your entryway is assigned the important task of making people feel welcomed and comfortable in your home. A space that provides hints to your decorating style and sets a tone that the rest of your space will follow, your entryway deserves to be […]

Three Tips for Finding New Furniture

  The decision to purchase new furniture is a big one, and whether you are replacing just a few pieces or redecorating your entire home, it is important to find items that you love and can continue to enjoy for years to come.   Oftentimes, getting started on the new furniture hunt is the most […]

Creating a Functional Dining Room

  Is your dining room in need of a makeover? Have you recently upgraded to a bigger space with your first formal dining room?   Depending on how often your family sits down to dinner together and how many family members reside under your roof, you may or may not intent to eat at your […]

Defining Space in Your Open-Plan Home

  One of the biggest home design trends in recent years, open-plan living includes few or no dividing walls between the living room, dining room and kitchen. A way to create a more social home environment and a great option for individuals looking to make their living space appear larger, there are plenty of benefits […]

Home Décor Trends to Try in 2016

  Home décor trends are always changing, and as 2016 begins, we have noticed a few specific trends popping up everywhere we look. When incorporating new ideas and styles in with your home’s current décor, we recommend looking for ones that will last and can maintain their beauty even after their time in the limelight […]

Change Your Home Décor to Match the Holiday or Season

  If you are the type of homeowner who is always looking for a fresh, new way to decorate your living room or front door, the best way to do so is by swapping out your decorative pieces according to the season or upcoming holiday. Especially if you have young children, decorating for each holiday […]

Choosing the Right Neutral for Your Home

  If you love flipping through catalogs and magazines, looking at the beautifully decorated homes within, you have probably wondered time and time again how the homeowners get every room within their house to coordinate so well. The secret? Choosing a neutral shade and incorporating it throughout your home.  The two most prominent neutrals to […]