Welcome Guests into Your Home with an Updated Entryway

April 13th, 2016 Paul Dekker

The first space that your guests see when entering your home, your entryway is assigned the important task of making people feel welcomed and comfortable in your home. A space that provides hints to your decorating style and sets a tone that the rest of your space will follow, your entryway deserves to be decorated with care.
There are plenty of ways to create a friendly entryway, and Conway Furniture has a few great ideas to help you get started on your redecorating project.

Make it Light

Ensure your guests can take off their coats and shoes with ease by adding plenty of lighting options to your entryway. With an overhead fixture, a table lamp and wall scones, you will be able to change which lights you use depending on the time of day.
A change in lighting is the easiest way to set the mood in your home, and your entryway is no exception.

Choose the Right Rug

The perfect way to add some comfort to an entryway with tile or hardwood floors, an area rug can really add some style to your space. Since this location experiences a lot of traffic, the most important feature to consider is durability.
We recommend choosing a patterned rug that shows off the style of your home, creating a transitionary space from the outdoors into your space.

Provide Plenty of Storage

Prevent your entryway from getting cluttered by providing plenty of storage for your hats, gloves and coats – as well as all the other items that often get set down the moment you walk in the door.
From consoles and dressers to benches with storage cubbies, there are a few different options you can consider depending on how much storage you and your family need. With room for all your coats and shoes, your entryway will always look clean and fresh as your guests arrive.

Add Something Unique

Use your entryway as a place where you can show off your decorating approach with a unique piece of art or a one-of-a-kind furniture find. A welcoming area that clues visitors in to the style and appearance of your home, unique pieces are a great way to spark their attention as they walk through the door.
As you are redecorating your entryway, remember to have fun and pay attention to the size of your space as you are adding furniture and décor. Test different layouts with our online Room Planner, then visit Conway Furniture in-store to find the right furniture and accessories to make your entryway memorable.

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