Defining Space in Your Open-Plan Home

March 4th, 2016 Paul Dekker

open plan home
One of the biggest home design trends in recent years, open-plan living includes few or no dividing walls between the living room, dining room and kitchen. A way to create a more social home environment and a great option for individuals looking to make their living space appear larger, there are plenty of benefits to an open floor plan. But how do you define the smaller spaces within the one big space?

Furniture Groupings

The first step to creating designated areas within an open floor plan is grouping your furniture. A desk and chair placed in a corner away from other furniture instantly creates a study space, and a sofa and chairs around a coffee table creates a living room area.
Once you have your different areas sectioned off (living, dining, cooking, etc.), you can use the rest of our tips to further define them and give each space a personality of its own.

Area Rugs

Add an extra layer of definition to the zones in your open-plan home with area rugs. When choosing your rugs, you want them to extend out a few inches further than the furniture within each section to create a more defined border.
Once you have decided what size rug you need, think about if you would like all the rugs in your space to match or not. Matching rugs will create a neutral backdrop for bold, patterned furniture and accents, while a few different rugs with similar color schemes and patterns can create a fun, eclectic look.

Pendant Lights

Placed over a dining room table, a kitchen island or in the middle of your living room seating area, a pendant light will draw the eye’s attention to create a center point. Just be careful of how low your light hangs if there is not a table beneath it to ensure that your taller guests won’t hit their heads.

Color Zones

While you want the entirety of your open-plan living space to blend together, creating color zones can help to define the individual areas within. We recommend using harmonious colors within each zone, but using a higher concentration of one particular color within each. This article from Houzz illustrated the idea perfectly.
Whether you have just moved into a new home or are renovating your current abode to include an open floor plan, Conway Furniture has furniture, carpeting and lighting that will help you to create stylish zones within your open space. Visit us online and check out our room planner to decide how you would like to organize your space, then visit our Listowel, Ontario shop at 5663 Line 86 to find the right furniture to place within it.

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