Tips for Mixing and Matching Your Furniture

January 12th, 2023 Paul Dekker
Stylish interior with design neutral modular sofa, mock up poster frames, rattan armchair, coffee tables, dried flowers in vase, decoration and elegant personal accessories in modern home décor.

When decorating and furnishing the home, some people struggle with thinking outside the box, even subtly, to re-invent their living spaces in beautiful, cohesive ways. They are unsure how to mix and match furniture in a way that avoids messiness and sparks creativity. This leaves many homeowners feeling uninspired by their current decor.

Here are a few tips on mixing and matching your furniture to create an eye-catching, beautiful room and re-ignite your creativity!

Choose a Colour Palette

A quick and easy way to start mixing and matching furniture is to choose a colour palette for the room you are working on. Once you’ve narrowed this down, you have fewer choices to overwhelm you.

A good trick is to have large furniture pieces, such as a living room sectional, in a neutral tone and use throw pillows, accent rugs, and accent chairs to add colour, depth, and interest. For example, you could pair this neutral gray sectional with this unique, fun accent chair and use coordinating throw pillows to tie the two together!

Determine the Focal Point

Every room has a purpose and a focal point. You want to picture an imaginary line from the focal point dividing the room. If you have a specific piece you want to spotlight, it should be placed at this middle line. You can use this divide to determine where to place additional furnishings to strike a balance in the room. Secondary furniture can bring balance, layers, and functionality to your space.

Match Wood to Wood

You can match your wood pieces based on their finish and open yourself up to more options than a standard furniture set would give you. You can match the finish identically, walnut to walnut, or you could get pieces finished in similar colours, such as dark ebony. This postscript queen bed frame works well with this ‘rough swan’ pine wardrobe because their similar dark finishes complement each other even though they are not from a matching furniture set.

The trick is not to get overwhelmed. Stick to simple design principles and have fun with it!

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