How Do Cooling Mattresses Work?

August 3rd, 2020 Paul Dekker
Cooling Mattresses for Sale in Listowel, ON

There are a lot of things to love about summer—the long daylight hours, beautiful weather, pool parties, family barbecues, etc. The one summer thing most of us could probably do without though? Hot nights.

When peak summer weeks come along and the temperatures stay high into the night and the humidity won’t budge, it can be difficult to get the quality sleep you need to fully enjoy everything you do love about the season. While air conditioning has certainly helped, sometimes even that is not enough for those of us who are prone to sleeping hot as it is.

Fortunately, over the past few years, another solution has become available: the cooling mattress!

How does a cooling mattress work?

There are actually quite a few different cooling technologies used to help regulate temperature as you sleep. The three most common cooling mattress types you’ll find are copper-infused, open-cell, and gel.

Copper-Infused Foam Mattresses

Copper is highly conductive, which means it absorbs heat quickly. Some manufacturers infuse copper elements or copper gel into the foam of their mattresses, so that it will absorb excess body heat, move it away from you, and help maintain a cooler mattress throughout the night.

Open-Cell Foam Mattresses

Open-cell foam mattresses are made with layers of memory foam that have tiny open-air passageways built in between. These passages are created by breaking cell walls in the foam, so that heat may escape and air may pass through. The improved air circulation and overall breathability helps keep you cool.

Gel Foam Mattresses

Gel is the most popular (and probably the most well-known) mattress cooling technology on the market. Gel foam mattresses are typically made with memory foam and have either a top layer of gel beads or gel infused throughout. Because it is a semi-liquid, gel has naturally-cooling properties that help regulate the temperature of the mattress and draw your body heat away from you.

Who can benefit from a cooling mattress?

Anyone! Cooling mattresses are great for anyone to use at any time of year, as most technologies work with your natural body heat to regulate your temperature or the temperature of the mattress. A cooling mattress can be especially beneficial to your quality of sleep though if:

  • You find yourself tossing and turning all night
  • You can’t get comfortable in any position
  • You’re sleeping with a partner (twice the body heat!)
  • You always wake up tired (hot sleep=poor quality sleep)

A few extra tips to help you sleep cooler:

Cooling mattresses work wonders. But if you already have one and find that you’re still waking up covered in sweat (even with the AC blasting), there are a few other tricks you can try to sleep cooler.

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Switch to cotton.

This goes for your sheets and your pajamas! Cotton is a lightweight fabric that gets really good airflow. When the summer nights start to heat up, switch to cotton sheets and pajamas. For the sheets, go with a light color that will absorb less heat from the sunlight that comes through during the day.

Find ways to cool down before bed.

Lowering your body temperature before bed can help you fall asleep faster and keep cooler throughout the night. You might try slipping an icepack (wrapped in a washcloth) under your pillow or icing your pulse points—neck, back of the knee, wrist, groin—before you go to sleep. Taking a lukewarm shower and hydrating before bed can also be effective.

Use fans wisely.

Turning on the fan on a hot night is a no-brainer, but how you use your fans is important. If possible, position your fan across from a window to create a refreshing cross-breeze. Or, if you have multiple fans, face one toward the window to help expel hot air from the room. If you have a ceiling fan, make sure the blades are rotating counterclockwise, as this will pull the hot air up and away from you rather than just pushing it around the room.

If you’re searching for sweet relief from those scorching summer nights, Conway Furniture has you covered!

Our selection of cooling mattresses includes a variety of different brands and styles to accommodate the nighttime needs and preferences of anyone who sleeps too hot. If you’re not sure which one will be the best fit for you, our furniture professionals will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide.

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