Choosing the Right Neutral for Your Home

February 1st, 2016 Paul Dekker

beige living room
If you love flipping through catalogs and magazines, looking at the beautifully decorated homes within, you have probably wondered time and time again how the homeowners get every room within their house to coordinate so well. The secret? Choosing a neutral shade and incorporating it throughout your home.  The two most prominent neutrals to pick between are beige and gray, and whichever one you decide on will set the stage for an attractive and magazine-worthy home.


For families who are looking to create a warm and cozy home environment, beige is the perfect neutral base. Beautiful when paired with wood and warm hues like brown, orange and red, beige looks best with copper and brass fixtures.
Beige also looks great when it is paired with contrasting elements – like a dark brown leather couch and an accent chair with a light, bright pattern.


A cooler neutral that makes bright colors pop, gray is a great choice for your home if you love to include bold accent pieces into your décor. We especially enjoy pairing blues, greens and yellows with gray and recommend this neutral to individuals who are always changing around the pillows, decorations and furniture.

Where to Incorporate

Once you have decided on a neutral base for your home, you may be wondering where the best place to incorporate this color is. Your walls and furniture are a great place to start, since neutral shades in these places will create the perfect backdrop for colored curtains, wall art, light fixtures and more.
Whether you are looking for neutral colored or bold patterned furniture, Conway Furniture can help you find comfortable and attractive pieces to accent your home’s style. Start your search with us online and then visit our Listowel, Ontario store to make your purchase.

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