How Furniture Affects Your Mood

When you pick out furniture for your space, you assess the piece’s size, style, and comfort level to guarantee it will be a perfect fit, but do you ever consider how your furniture will affect your mood? There may be several subliminal triggers in your home design that cause changes in your mood and mental […]

How to Incorporate Bistro Tables into Your Home’s Design

Accent tables are meant to accentuate. End tables can be found at the end of furniture, for easy accessibility. Coffee tables are often made for more than just coffee mugs. And dining room tables are in a league of their own. For every homeowner, there is a variety of table types to consider, each with […]

Home Décor Trends to Try in 2016

  Home décor trends are always changing, and as 2016 begins, we have noticed a few specific trends popping up everywhere we look. When incorporating new ideas and styles in with your home’s current décor, we recommend looking for ones that will last and can maintain their beauty even after their time in the limelight […]