How Furniture Affects Your Mood

May 5th, 2022 Paul Dekker

When you pick out furniture for your space, you assess the piece’s size, style, and comfort level to guarantee it will be a perfect fit, but do you ever consider how your furniture will affect your mood? There may be several subliminal triggers in your home design that cause changes in your mood and mental health.

When we think of decorating our house, our primary goal is to achieve a certain aesthetic. Most of us don’t realize that a psychological aspect connects us to the style and décor we choose that gradually affects our state of mind.

Here are a few different aspects of furniture and home décor that may be affecting your mood and overall mental state. 

Positioning of Furniture

The layout of a room can make a space feel functional and balanced. A great way to determine the position of couches, chairs, and tables is by setting a focal point. Everything in the room should surround that point to ensure plenty of space. The more space you have, the more comfortable you and guests will be moving around the room. This leads to a more relaxed and satisfying atmosphere for all. If your space is very crowded, you might feel suffocated and anxious more often.


The psychology of colour is a vast area of study for interior designers. Different colours can have distinct effects on your mood. It’s important to understand the proper usage of colour in interior design before deciding upon a colour scheme for chairs, tables, or décor items for your home.

  • Red is mostly used in living rooms or entertainment rooms because it can be good for stimulating conversation.
  • Yellow is a warmer shade that is known to evoke positivity. Adding a pop of yellow in a neutral-toned room is a great way to bring up the mood without overpowering the space with too much colour.
  • Green is a soothing colour to add into your home. It evokes feelings of peace, balance, and calmness.
  • Blue is a relaxing colour and is often added to bedroom décor and design. It’s associated with feelings of serenity, success, and trust.
  • Neutral colours such as black, nudes, browns, and whites evoke feelings of balance, contentment, and security. They are the most flexible colours and are often used in main furniture pieces within home interior design.

Showcasing your personal style through colour will help you reach your space’s desired look and mood.


Depending on the space in your home you are designing, different levels of ergonomics need to be applied. If you buy a nice chair that goes perfectly with your décor but hurts your back within a few minutes of usage, it will make you irritated. It would then be advisable to use seating that offers excellent lumbar support.

If you buy cabinets that do not have enough space to store your belongings, that may also cause anger and annoyance impacting your mood and behaviour in the long run. It’s essential to focus on designs and furniture pieces that are comfortable and functional for your living space to keep your mood positive.

Shape and Symmetry

Symmetry and shapes can affect the overall vibe of your home. If you want your space to feel welcoming, you should steer clear of angular shapes and use curves and circles instead. Curves and rounded shapes promote harmony and completion. Angular shapes represent efficiency, professionalism, and balance. Symmetry adds a sense of harmony while being aesthetically pleasing and enhancing your mental state.

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