Living with Colour and Showcasing Your Personal Style

May 5th, 2020 Paul Dekker
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It’s exciting to see how many more individuals and decorators are moving towards colour this year, and not being so apprehensive about it. Having colour in our homes and in our lives is a beautiful thing! I couldn’t imagine my life without colour. Living in a world without colour is like living in a world with no love—and right now we could all use some more colour and love in our lives.

Colour adds personality and depth to any space, and I’m going to give you some inspiring ideas and tips to think about.

Wall Colour Accents

Look for natural focal points that stand out for you in your home. An energizing hue is the easiest way to make a fun statement, especially in small spaces! Nooks, at the top of a stair case, walls that jet out a bit, or even sloped ceilings would be perfect areas for that splash of colour. 

When adding colour we don’t want it to fight or compete with other colours. A helpful tip is to use the rule of 60-30-10 when playing with colour. Divide the colors into segments. Walls at 60 percent of a dominant colour, upholstery at 30 percent of secondary colours, and accessories at 10 percent of your tertiary colours. Playing with this colour ratio will showcase a balance in your space and still ensure plenty of interest.  Look at various types of decorative wallpapers, painted shiplap, solid paint colours, and mixed materials that will make your walls pop!

Statement Pieces

Change up your upholstery! If you’ve never heard of Décor Rest, Trendline, Superstyle, or Simmons then you for sure need to come in and take a look at all of their amazing fabric and leather options. These great Canadian lines have limitless options when it comes to colour and patterns. 

If you’re unsure about making that kind of commitment with changing up your sofas, loves, and sectionals then make sure your pillows and accent chairs have some killer monochromatic tones as well as the artwork on your walls or the area rugs in your home. If you’re having a hard time deciding on colour, just pick three that you love, make sure they work well together, and go from there.

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Creative floors & Backsplashes

If it’s painted or patterned tile, on your floor or on your backsplash it’s making big waves in the design world! Incorporating colourful Spanish tile in your kitchen or in your bathroom can give such a cultural flare!

Here’s a link to Spanish tile on pinterest.

Graphic Patterns 

Using graphic patterns with rugs, drapery, accent pillows, and throws can also make a huge colour statement. Showing repetition can peak that visual interest. Patterns can also help bring unity, consistency and cohesiveness to any design.

My Personal Style

What is my personal style? What appeals to me? What kinds of styles are there? There are so many different types of trends and styles it’s hard to pick just one! Here are a few different styles to think about…rustic, vintage, eclectic, coastal, lofty, urban, contemporary, traditional, Scandinavian, Bohemian, farmhouse, modern, and shabby chic.

Maybe take some cues from your clothing. How do you like to dress? Sometimes this can easily translate into how you envision your home.  If you decorate the chances are other people will appreciate you, even if they’d never decorate in the same way as you. You can make any color look good as long as it truly suits your personal style.

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