Updating Your Space: How to Create a Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary interior design is defined as simplistic, sophisticated, and highly functional. The contemporary movement is all about streamlining the composition of a room to achieve an uncluttered look that creates harmony throughout your space. If you’re looking to incorporate this minimalist style throughout your home, the easiest place to start is your kitchen. With a […]

Highlighting Curio Cabinets

Souvenirs from around the globe, precious family heirlooms, collectibles passed down through generations: your most valued possessions already have a place in your heart. Now, give them a special place in your home! Keep your treasures safe and give them their moment to shine by putting them on display in a unique, revealing curio cabinet. […]

How to Incorporate Bistro Tables into Your Home’s Design

Accent tables are meant to accentuate. End tables can be found at the end of furniture, for easy accessibility. Coffee tables are often made for more than just coffee mugs. And dining room tables are in a league of their own. For every homeowner, there is a variety of table types to consider, each with […]

Essential Furniture Shopping Tips

  Moving in together is one of the biggest tests that you can go through with your significant other. One of the first problems to overcome when you are leaving the comforts of mom and dad’s place is the realization that you have nothing but clothes to your name.    The centerpiece of your bedroom, the […]

How to Create a Contemporary Kitchen

Sleek and Simple Contemporary Style     A contemporary kitchen is one with a sleek style and uncluttered design. Clean and simple lines are important components when looking to create a true contemporary kitchen.   Design styles modern and contemporary are often linked together, but they are actually very different from each other. Contemporary is […]