Updating Your Space: How to Create a Contemporary Kitchen

December 9th, 2019 Paul Dekker
Kitchen Furniture in Listowel, ON

Contemporary interior design is defined as simplistic, sophisticated, and highly functional. The contemporary movement is all about streamlining the composition of a room to achieve an uncluttered look that creates harmony throughout your space.

If you’re looking to incorporate this minimalist style throughout your home, the easiest place to start is your kitchen. With a careful, strategic approach and the right cutting-edge furniture to ground your space, you’ll master the art of contemporary design in no time!

Clean & Polished

The key to creating a contemporary kitchen is to obtain a look that is clean and sleek, but livable. Simple, neutral-colored walls, furnishings, and cabinetry is the foundation of this style.

A contemporary kitchen will have clean lines—achieved with straight-edge countertops and as little visible hardware as possible—and a clear sightline to make the room feel bigger. Everything should be kept neat and organized to fully hone your contemporary design.

Natural Texture Accents

A perfectly refined and immaculate room sounds kind of boring, doesn’t it? That’s why the next step to developing your contemporary kitchen is to bring visual interest to the space using natural textiles such as marble, stone, tile, and steel!

Go for a mosaic stone backsplash or dark hardwood floors to create a striking contrast with the sleek surrounding features. You can also play around with textiles of different sizes and shapes to add something truly unique to your look.

Modern Appliances

Outfit your kitchen with clean, stylish appliances to bring the different facets of your contemporary design together cohesively. Steel and white are go-to colors for accessories that round out a contemporary room. Make sure you place them somewhere practical and out of the way, to maintain that uncluttered look and keep your kitchen functional.

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