Home Décor Trends to Try in 2016

  Home décor trends are always changing, and as 2016 begins, we have noticed a few specific trends popping up everywhere we look. When incorporating new ideas and styles in with your home’s current décor, we recommend looking for ones that will last and can maintain their beauty even after their time in the limelight […]

Choosing Genuine Leather

    If you are looking to purchase new furniture with a classic look, genuine leather is the first option that comes to mind. Why genuine leather? A durable and comfortable choice for your home, each piece is unique, yet timeless enough to compliment any design changes you will make throughout the years. Here at […]

Measuring For Your Dining Room Table

Your dining room, like your kitchen is part of the hub of any home. This is where families gather to be together, share their days, and eat their meals. It is one of the most social spots in the home. So choosing your dining room table should take into account the kind of atmosphere you […]