Three Tips for Finding New Furniture

April 13th, 2016 Paul Dekker

creating floor plan
The decision to purchase new furniture is a big one, and whether you are replacing just a few pieces or redecorating your entire home, it is important to find items that you love and can continue to enjoy for years to come.
Oftentimes, getting started on the new furniture hunt is the most difficult part, which is why Conway Furniture has put together this guide to help make your shopping experience simple and worry-free.

Review Your Current Furniture

Before heading to your local furniture store, take some time to evaluate the pieces already residing in your home. Compare the piece you love to those that are outdated or worn, considering the difference in style and the new mood you are trying to achieve within your home.
If you have a certain piece you love – like a set of end tables or an antique chair, take a picture of it to use as a reference when shopping for new furniture that will compliment its style.

Create a Floor Plan

Next, think about how you would like to arrange the furniture in the room you are redecorating. Will your new couch remain in the same spot as the old one or will you be replacing a three-seat sofa with a sectional? We recommend using our Room Planner to map out potential furniture arrangements in your home.
Once you have laid out an arrangement you love, you will know what size and shape furniture will look best in your home, quickly narrowing down your search once you get to the store.

Focus on the Big Pieces First

Especially if you have just moved or are looking to completely redecorate a room, we recommend focusing on the big pieces – like the sofas and cabinets – before thinking about accessories. When you have found the big furniture pieces to fill your home with, accents like lamps, artwork and small tables can be collected over time to create a look you love.
Once you know which furniture pieces you would like to replace, as well as what size and style you are interested in purchasing, head to Conway Furniture to start your search. Located at 5663 Line 86 in Listowel, Ontario, we are happy to help you find exactly what you need.

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