Finding Pet-Friendly Materials to Furnish Your Home

June 2nd, 2016 Paul Dekker

dog on couchFor families with pets, purchasing new furniture includes even bigger decisions that color and style. You want to find pieces that you love – and that accentuate your home aesthetic – but you also want them to maintain their beautiful new appearance. Which we know can be tough with a cat lounging across the back of your sofa or a dog curling up in your favorite chair.

To help pet-friendly families find the right furniture for their home, here are a few of our best recommendations:

Carpet Tiles

Pets are a lot like children; sometimes accidents just happen! And whether your golden retriever’s tail knocks over the glass of red wine sitting on your coffee table or the cat experiences a fur ball situation in the living room, you carpet is bound to end up with stains.

Luckily, there is an alternative to scrubbing your carpet in vain, then trying to cover the stain by rearranging the furniture: Carpet tiles. Perfect for families who love the look of light colored carpet, but don’t want to worry about spills, just remove the affected tile and put a new one down in its place.


A floor treatment that is absolutely incredible at repelling pet hair, cowhide is a wonderful choice for an area rug. Not only is cowhide a durable option for families with furry members, but it is also a stylish one that is available in a variety of different colors.


One of the most low-maintenance fabric options for couches and chairs is microfiber. Both durable and easy to clean, you can wipe your dog’s muddy paw prints off just as easily as your children’s Cheetos stains.

When choosing living room furniture, you may also want to consider a color that will allow pet fur to blend in, instead of standing out. A black couch will never look clean in a home with a white dog, just as a cream colored chair will never look good with a black cat’s fur all over its arms.


Another furniture option that is great for dog lovers especially is leather. Instead of worrying about vacuuming fur out of fabric and scrubbing out clean, just wipe down the leather with a damp rag and continue on with the rest of your day.


A final option for pet-owners to consider is using slipcovers. The perfect way to protect your favorite furniture from cat claws and dog fur, slipcovers can be placed on furniture for daily use, and then taken off when guests come to visit. Not only does this allow to you pick out the exact furniture you like, but it makes it easier to change up your interior design style on a regular basis.

For families shopping for new furniture in the Listowel, Ontario area, Conway Furniture has a wide selection of pieces for you to consider. Browse our online selection to get an idea of what styles you love, then visit us in store to make your final purchase.


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