How to Train Your Dog to Stay Off the Furniture

You just cashed in your holiday bonus on a new leather sectional for the living room. You bring it home, set it up, and admire how luxurious it looks. Then, your dog walks in, sniffs around, and jumps up to settle right into the corner. In your head you see visions of scratched leather, torn […]

Finding Pet-Friendly Materials to Furnish Your Home

For families with pets, purchasing new furniture includes even bigger decisions that color and style. You want to find pieces that you love – and that accentuate your home aesthetic – but you also want them to maintain their beautiful new appearance. Which we know can be tough with a cat lounging across the back […]

Designing your Dream Home: Pet-Friendly Advice

  Whether you have a cat or a dog, their fur – and messy habits – may seem like a deterrent against re-decorating y our home. But a combination of durable fabrics and frequent vacuuming will help you to design the home of your dreams! From the bedroom to the kitchen, there are plenty of […]

Introducing New Pets to Furniture

Owning a pet is a joy with one exception, and that is when you get new furniture. Today, it’s customary to purchase a furniture set that costs a hefty price and why not, you want it to look good, be comfortable and last a long time. However, a pet doesn’t understand the financial commitment you […]

Your Pets and Your New Furniture: 5 Training Tips

Pets and New Furniture   So, you just bought a gorgeous new furniture set. It’s tax season, and you decided to spoil yourself and revamp your home after the holidays. Change is good, and this change will improve the quality of life for your whole family- including the pets!   The biggest problem with having […]