How to Train Your Dog to Stay Off the Furniture

January 15th, 2020 Paul Dekker
Pet-Friendly Furniture in Listowel, ON

You just cashed in your holiday bonus on a new leather sectional for the living room. You bring it home, set it up, and admire how luxurious it looks. Then, your dog walks in, sniffs around, and jumps up to settle right into the corner.

In your head you see visions of scratched leather, torn cushions, and clumps of dog hair dulling the perfect shade of maroon it took you half an hour to choose! What can you do?! How can you possibly keep Buddy off the couch? Don’t worry—the furniture experts at Conway are here to help!

Start early.

The easiest way to keep your pup off your furniture is to lay down the law right away. If you can prevent them from developing the habit in the first place, it’ll be much easier to teach them not to jump up on the bed or lounge around on the couch!

Avoid spending time with your dog on the pieces you don’t want them to be on, so they don’t get used to it. You’ll also want to restrict their furniture access when you’re not home with crate training, pet or baby gates, closed doors, and obstacles that prevent them from reaching those tantalizing nap spots.

Pet-Friendly Furniture in Listowel, ON

Teach commands.

Establish furniture rules for your pooch to follow as soon as you bring them home, and spend time teaching them what they are. Decide if you want your dog to stay off the furniture at all times, or if they’ll be permitted to lounge with you upon invitation.

Train your dog with specific directional commands, as opposed to a general “no”.

“Off” is a good one to start with, for when you catch them on the bed, or they try to sneak up on the loveseat uninvited while you’re watching a movie. It will help if you train them to go to an alternative location, such as their bed or crate. Use another specific command for this, something like “place” or “bed”.

If you do want them to have the option of joining you on the furniture at certain times, wait until they’ve mastered “off.” Then, you can introduce “up” by enticing them onto the furniture with a treat. Once they’ve finished their treat, direct them “off”. Repeat the process, slowly taking away the treat as they begin to move without hesitation.

Use deterrents.

If you decide you don’t want your dog on the furniture at all, there are deterrents you can use for persistent pups who just can’t seem to follow the rules. Noise devices, for example, are designed to scare them away from forbidden areas by sounding an alarm or snapping closed when motion is detected.

Double-sided tape or pet mats are a good option to prevent scratching and biting. There are also bitter sprays and smell repellents that can be used on furniture that will make your dog turn up their nose but have no effect on you or your human guests.

Pet-Friendly Furniture in Listowel, ON

Be patient with your dog.

The most important thing to remember as you train your dog to stay off the furniture is that it takes time for them to learn. You’ll need to let them check things out and interact with furniture before you can tell them it’s wrong. After all, you can’t just expect them to know!

Try not to get angry or punish your dog during this learning process. If what you’re doing doesn’t seem to be working, take a calming breath and think about how you can change your approach.

Don’t be afraid to invest in quality furniture just because your dog may be unpredictable! At Conway Furniture, we can help you choose gorgeous pieces made with pet-friendly materials and make recommendations on how to best keep them in good shape.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you find furniture for your home that keeps both you and your pets happy!

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