Ideas for the Modern Man Cave

Once upon a time, man caves were relatively straightforward and simple spaces. They usually included things like the old living room couch that had long been replaced by a newer model, a hodgepodge of used furniture from other parts of the house, and a TV. Most man caves were very no-frills in the beginning. More […]

How to Rearrange Furniture with Care

If you recently purchased new furniture pieces, you are probably looking to rearrange the furniture you currently have. Rearranging pieces will give you a chance to clean the room from top to bottom, and it will also help to showcase your new pieces. Before you start rearranging furniture, take the time to make sure you’re […]

Small Furniture Pieces that Make a Big Impact

Most homes have the standard furniture that is typically expected: – a bed, dresser, table, and sofa. However, some “uncommon” furniture pieces can be a big bang for your buck and it’s worth considering furniture pieces outside of what you might normally purchase.With minimalism sweeping the nation and people focusing in on owning belongings that […]

Make Your Home Bigger Using Your Furniture

From couches to tables, chairs and dressers, each piece of furniture in your home plays a specific purpose. They provide a place to sit and relax, eat your dinner, and store your clothing. But the furniture pieces in your home do so much more than this as well. They also influence the look of your […]

Caring for wood furniture

Polishing Furniture

  There are traditions in the churches and old wood clad homes of caring for wood furniture and banisters. Back when finishes were primitive. Back when furniture had to be cleaned bi-annually to remove the soot from coal or wood heating and from oil lanterns. After a harsh soap cleaning an oil or wax based […]

How to Fix Scratches, Dings, and Dents In Wood Furniture

Buying furniture is an investment; you obviously want it to last a long time! Purchasing high quality furniture can help to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. But often times, life gets in the way and our favorite furniture takes a hit. Even the toughest finishes (like those on a car) are […]

Is it time to buy a new mattress?

  We are firm believers that your day begins when fall asleep at night. The quality of sleep you get at night always determines what kind of day you have once you wake up. If your mattress is causing you to sleep poorly, it’s affecting how productive and enjoyable your day-time life is. A good […]

What is the difference between Wood, Veneer, and Laminate?

Solid Wood Many people go shopping with the intentions of looking for beautiful solid wood furniture; heirloom pieces to last generations. An investment in solid wood does require that the home owner needs to provides conditions for that investment to thrive. Taking care of solid wood furniture can be a task. Changes in humidity and […]

Wood Furniture Care

  Wood is an amazing material. What would mankind have built everything out of if it hadn’t been for wood? Soft enough to cut with a hand saw and yet strong enough to build boats, bridges and buildings. Even the best quality solid wood furniture requires regular maintenance however and is subject to problems if […]

Why Your Independent Retailer is Your Friend

  There was a time when great minds thought that there would be one or two supercomputers on the planet that everyone would buy time on to do their computing. It was believed that it would never be cost effective to have a bunch of smaller computer systems let alone billions of them. As it […]