Small Furniture Pieces that Make a Big Impact

March 22nd, 2017 Paul Dekker

Most homes have the standard furniture that is typically expected: – a bed, dresser, table, and sofa. However, some “uncommon” furniture pieces can be a big bang for your buck and it’s worth considering furniture pieces outside of what you might normally purchase.With minimalism sweeping the nation and people focusing in on owning belongings that serve a true purpose, what are some pieces of furniture that is worth having? The answers may surprise you!

Small Furniture Pieces that Make a Big ImpactA Stool

You can think of a stool as a multipurpose tool. Stools are a great piece of furniture for any room in your home. You can use a stool in the kitchen to reach higher cupboards or to eat a quick snack. You can use one in the bathroom as a place to set towels or sit on during bath time. You can them in the living room as extra seating for guests, or as an impromptu side table. Our favorite place for a simple stool is in an entryway, because it can be used as a place to set a houseplant or as somewhere to sit when taking off your shoes. No matter what you use a stool for, we guarantee you’ll use it.



An Ottoman

For many of the same reasons that we love stools, we also love ottomans. Think of an ottoman as a stool with cushion that often comes equipped with storage as well. Ottomans are typically incorporated in living rooms, family rooms, or bedrooms. They are most often used for storage, holding blankets, toys, remotes, and more. They can also be coupled with a serving tray and used as an end table. You can use ottomans to rest your feet, but also as a decorative piece if you shop for a bold color or pattern. Ottomans come with endless possibilities in styles that suit everyone.

A BenchSmall Furniture Pieces that Make a Big Impact

Clearly, we love multipurpose furniture and a bench is in our top few picks as well. Benches are a great way to add style and flair into to a space. From classic wooden benches to bright colorful ones, benches are incredibly useful. Benches are most commonly used in entryways because they allow are narrow and provide seating easily in a small space.

No matter your furniture needs, Conway Furniture will have exactly what you are looking for. Give us a call or stop into our showroom for a visit!

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