Protecting your New Furniture from your Little Ones

So you just got new furniture. It’s beautiful and comfortable and it fits perfectly in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom – wherever it’s going. However, there’s one concern that hasn’t left your mind – how am I going to protect this furniture from damage so I can enjoy it for years to come? Here […]

Spending More Money on Furniture

Homeowners all over the country are spending more of their time and their hard-earned money on furnishing the interior of their houses than in years past. Here at Conway Furniture, we’re happy to be riding the rising tide of business, thanks in no small part to our incredibly large inventory of furniture items.   In […]

Signs it’s Time to Update Your Furniture

  Ah summer – it’s back. Now that the darkness and cold is no longer clouding our brains, we can focus on bettering ourselves. And yes, bettering the furniture in our lives. Because if our homes don’t reflect the people we want to be, how is self-improvement even possible?   Here is to hoping it […]

Introducing New Pets to Furniture

Owning a pet is a joy with one exception, and that is when you get new furniture. Today, it’s customary to purchase a furniture set that costs a hefty price and why not, you want it to look good, be comfortable and last a long time. However, a pet doesn’t understand the financial commitment you […]

Keeping Kids Off Furniture

  We all believed the floor was lava at one point, jumping from a loveseat to a couch, and then from a chair, to a table. Well, now we’re learning that the game is a lot more fun for kids than the adults who pay good money for their furniture.   It’s completely reasonable to […]

Feng Shui and Other Simple Steps to Re-Arrange Your Room for Better Sleep

  Feng Shui and Other Simple Steps to Re-Arrange Your Room for Better Sleep   Finding it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep? If you thought “yes”, it might be time for bedroom rearranging. Where to start? Your mattress!   Experts recommend changing a mattress every seven years for better sleep results. Old mattresses […]

Enjoy Spring-Cleaning with Attractive New Furniture!

New Spring Furniture   Spring is just around the corner. The weather is starting to warm up, and thankfully, last weekend gave us an extra hour of daylight! The birds are chirping through the trees. There is new life springing up all around. However, your current living room set or kitchen table may seem as […]

Your Pets and Your New Furniture: 5 Training Tips

Pets and New Furniture   So, you just bought a gorgeous new furniture set. It’s tax season, and you decided to spoil yourself and revamp your home after the holidays. Change is good, and this change will improve the quality of life for your whole family- including the pets!   The biggest problem with having […]

Making Use of Dining Room Furniture

We all know someone who is guilty of this. This culprit may even be you, but you know the crime. Everyone knows at least one dining room table that went unused for ages. This is a stand against tables “for show”. Now, it is one thing to use a table rarely, to keep its condition […]

Recycling Old Furniture: DIY Ideas, Donating, and Curb Alert!

New furniture in any room is determined to improve the mood of anyone who enters the room. The new furniture smell, the aesthetics, and the overall purchase invoke a happy and successful mood in the room. We do not need to tell you how awesome new furniture is, you already know!   Unfortunately, most people […]