How to Protect Your Furniture from Your Kids

So, you finally splurged for some new furniture! It’s beautiful, comfortable, and works perfectly with your space. But will it work perfectly with your children? As you get older and start learning the ins and outs of homeowning, jumping on the living room furniture while pretending the floor is lava seems less and less fun. […]

Tips for Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

You dreamed of the little airplanes in Timmy’s room or the sweet little bears all dressed in pink that adorn Sarah’s walls. Your child used to love them, but then they grew up. Who gave them permission to do that, anyway? Now that your child is older, it’s time for a bedroom that reflects more […]

Creating a Kid-Friendly Home Environment

  There is nothing more exciting than finding out that you are expecting your first child, but with young children come a lot of worries, including whether or not your home is safe enough for when they start to crawl. Having a family doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home, but you may have […]

Designing a Kid’s Bedroom

  Whether you are making the transition from crib to bed or moving the kids around to make space for a new sibling, there is plenty to consider when purchasing furniture and decorating your children’s bedrooms. Whatever the reason for redesign, get your kids excited for the change with our kid-friendly design advice!   When […]

Fashion for your home

    The majority of people know how they want to look. They have a personal image that they want to convey through hairstyles, clothing and accessories. At one time you could size people up by what they were wearing as to where they fit in. In today’s diverse and individualized world that isn’t so. […]

Eclectic Decorating

We’ve all seen the stunning modern room scenes with a white leather sectional and all matching chrome furniture in front of a full wall window with a night cityscape as the backdrop. The phrase “Like something out of a magazine” came to be because almost none of us live in that lifestyle. No messy kids […]

Microfiber and Leather Couches work with Kids and Pets

  Getting new furniture right when you get a new pet or when you have kids probably seems like the world’s worst idea, but it’s actually really efficient. Here’s why- you’re expecting pets and children to ruin the couch. Then you figure you’ll just buy a new one when they move out, and the couch […]

Keeping Kids Off Furniture

  We all believed the floor was lava at one point, jumping from a loveseat to a couch, and then from a chair, to a table. Well, now we’re learning that the game is a lot more fun for kids than the adults who pay good money for their furniture.   It’s completely reasonable to […]