Microfiber and Leather Couches work with Kids and Pets

September 2nd, 2013 Paul Dekker


Getting new furniture right when you get a new pet or when you have kids probably seems like the world’s worst idea, but it’s actually really efficient. Here’s why- you’re expecting pets and children to ruin the couch. Then you figure you’ll just buy a new one when they move out, and the couch becomes a victim to chewing and spills; if you don’t care about the furniture kids and pets won’t either. You can get new furniture; it’s actually the best time to buy it. So, how do get to have your cake and eat it too? Get durable furniture, with the right fabric and you’re ready.


Your first pieces of furniture probably came from friends or family, or maybe you even got it at a garage sale in college (we’ve all been there), but whatever the case is, it’s possible your couch is pretty old.


Put it this way, if you didn’t purchase it then don’t really know where it’s been. Now, imagine putting a baby on that couch? Cringe.

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Older couches are also more susceptible to stains or fabric tearing. Furniture fabrics have improved steadily in the past few years, and drastically in the past decade.


Chances are, when you get a new couch, it will be stain-resistant and significantly more durable than your older one. So go ahead, get yourself a new couch!


Opt for a microfiber or leather living room furniture. With both materials, you can quickly clean any mishaps and neither of which hold dirt like crumbs or animal hair, which are synonymous with kids and pets.


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