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March 26th, 2015 Paul Dekker

Room Design Fashion



The majority of people know how they want to look. They have a personal image that they want to convey through hairstyles, clothing and accessories. At one time you could size people up by what they were wearing as to where they fit in. In today’s diverse and individualized world that isn’t so. The people with the sleeve tattoos aren’t necessarily the Harley riders, they may just as easily be a doctor or small business owner (she still might ride the Harley on the weekend).


We go to significant lengths to show who we are by what we wear. To some that might be buying expensive upscale brands to show that we’ve made it. To others it might be a wardrobe from the thrift shop to show they are responsible citizens and reuse/recycle. We feel most confident in close that fit us both physically and in spirit. When you step out and you know you’re looking good you feel better about yourself.


So why doesn’t your room look like you? As teenagers we hung posters that told our guests about our likes and dislikes. We had pictures of friends and keepsakes from favourite vacations or the local town fair. Some would say we grew up and have become more fashion minded. Just going with the current styles. I’m not saying that one shouldn’t keep up with the times, but whatever the current trend is, you can adapt it to your lifestyle. Style guidelines are just that, guidelines. A wall of family and friend photos can be very fashionable and will mean more to you and your friends than a color matched print. When it’s time for new go for things that appeal to you.


Just like fashion, furniture isn’t one size fits all, both the size of the users and the size of the room must be considered. But also like fashion there is no one right answer. There is a wide range of items and accessories that will work great for you and your room.


Make your space your own and you will be more comfortable in your own home, just like when you’re out in your favourite clothes.

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