Eclectic Decorating

March 24th, 2015 Paul Dekker

Eclectic Decorating

We’ve all seen the stunning modern room scenes with a white leather sectional and all matching chrome furniture in front of a full wall window with a night cityscape as the backdrop. The phrase “Like something out of a magazine” came to be because almost none of us live in that lifestyle. No messy kids or spouse. No clutter from lives being lived.


Consider which decorating style is right for you

While I understand that the crisp modern style aesthetic might be yours, if you have two kids, a dog and a mechanic husband I beg you to reconsider the white cotton sofa. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Design is important for a room to look inviting but being practical will keep it that way and will fit you and your family better. Think about what works best for you and your family.


Keep your keepsakes

When I look around my room I see an oak sideboard that came from Holland with my grandparents, some Jazz posters from my early 20’s adventures, and a brand new contemporary canvas of colourful snow skis (a gift from my co workers). There are family pictures and my CD collection on a contemporary bookcase and the rocking chair that we bought 24 years ago when we were having our first son. In a word “Eclectic”, a mix of old and new put together in a way that is pleasing to us aesthetically and also reminds us of a life well-lived.


Mix Old and New

If it ever did have its place, having everything match is not in vogue today. Even in a bedroom there is more mixing and matching of functional pieces pulled together in the personal style of the owner. It’s great to have antique pieces and contemporary pieces mixed together for effect. I prefer newer upholstered pieces for comfort and older case pieces but I have seen some exceptional quality furniture pieces recovered to good effect, especially if they have exposed wood features.

Like any fashion, what’s old is new from time to time. Many of the 50s and 60s era pieces now look “retro” so don’t be shy to pull something out of your parents’ or grandparents’ basements (don’t go for a retro mattress , get yourself a good new one).

As a side note to this: for most upholstery, the cost of re-covering will be as much or more than a new sofa. Unless there something unique about a sofa or it has exceptional web and coil construction, go for new.


Up to you

Have fun with your space and let your personality show. You have to live with your decisions not your friend or consultant so stand by what you like.

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