Buying a new mattress and making it last

February 16th, 2015 Paul Dekker

Buying A New Mattress

Once you’ve decided to invest in a new mattress, the biggest challenge is deciding which one is right for you. A quality mattresses will cost between $800 and $5000 should last for 10 to 15 years. That doesn’t mean they will not change in appearance over time but they will remain comfortable and supportive.


Mattress Shopping:

Mattress construction has changed and mattress options have greatly expanded in recent years. Once popular waterbeds have yielded to memory foam, latex, gel beds and hybrids complicating the buying process but offering a better choice in sleeping solutions. Motion isolation, physical support and temperature control are all common elements of well constructed mattresses with some of the science of it quite remarkable. All mattresses have become thicker today so you may need to consider purchasing deep pocket sheets to accommodate the expanded mattress depth . Low profile foundations might also be advised depending on the bed you are putting the mattress in to keep your headboard visible and the distance from floor to mattress to a comfortable height.

Boxed springs are really just platforms now, as modern mattresses only require a firm flat surface. Adjustable foundations, once reserved for the infirm, do make a great option for elevating feet or head for health issues but also for reading in bed or watching TV.

Oh, and don’t forget about pillows. Pillows are an integral part of a sleep system and vary with the sleeper. They should be protected with a washable cover as well.

You should consider a mattress warranty when buying but be aware that even cheap beds have long warranties. Most quality brand mattresses are warranted for at least 10 years. The store where you purchased your bed will help you look after any issues but stains will void the warranty so use a mattress protector (employee health legislation for one reason).

Mattresses are an investment. A good mattress does not need to be an inexpensive one but the one that you are comfortable on so go shopping with time to take your coat off and lie down, pushing on the top with your hand is not sufficient.


Tips for caring for new mattressCaring for your mattress:

You will want to protect your investment. Add a well fabricated mattress pad cover specifically designed to protect against wetness. In the event of some sleeping misfortune you will find it much easier to remove a mattress pad and launder or replace it then to remove a spill or stain. Even with a good mattress cover, you will want to vacuum your mattress occasionally to pick up dead skin, mites, dust and animal dander that work its way through the best of covers. Most new mattresses are one sided and do not require flipping so the vacuuming helps to keep the mattresses shape as well. There are also bed bug encasement products if you have concerns in your area.

Mattress Stains:

If your mattress should endure some errant spill or stain use a solution of hydrogen peroxide (1 quart), baking soda (1 cup) and natural liquid soap (no dyes or perfumes) (1 tbsp). Using a spray bottle, dampen the soiled area of the mattress and the blot with a white terry or other absorbent cloth. This solution should pull most stains and odors. If your soiled area is stubborn to this solution, contact a professional cleaner to remove the soil through an extraction/suction method. Whatever solution or method you use to clean the mattress, leave your mattress bare and exposed to ventilation for an adequate period of time to dry before redressing with a pad or linens.

When it is time to purchase your next mattress, Conway Furniture is ready and waiting to escort you through the process.

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