Change in Lifestyle? Change Your Furniture

Growing pains hurt, especially in the beginning. Often we enter an adjustment period when trying to make sense of our changing life circumstances. While at first scary, we usually end up finding ourselves through the thicket of it all, and through this successful transformation we learn to enjoy the present. People who reach these exciting […]

11 Storage Solutions to Help With Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an especially satisfying time of year for Canadians. It’s a time to refresh and renew our spaces and allow the warmer air to cleanse out the old winter air.   The reward of a clean home is not far off – you simply have to start somewhere. Check out Martha Stewart’s spring […]

The Psychology of Wall Color

  One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home is envisioning and executing the décor of your new space. Making your environment truly your own is what makes a house a home. As you are browsing for new furniture pieces, you also want to keep in mind the way that you’ll […]

Fashion for your home

    The majority of people know how they want to look. They have a personal image that they want to convey through hairstyles, clothing and accessories. At one time you could size people up by what they were wearing as to where they fit in. In today’s diverse and individualized world that isn’t so. […]

Caring for wood furniture

Polishing Furniture

  There are traditions in the churches and old wood clad homes of caring for wood furniture and banisters. Back when finishes were primitive. Back when furniture had to be cleaned bi-annually to remove the soot from coal or wood heating and from oil lanterns. After a harsh soap cleaning an oil or wax based […]

How to Fix Scratches, Dings, and Dents In Wood Furniture

Buying furniture is an investment; you obviously want it to last a long time! Purchasing high quality furniture can help to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. But often times, life gets in the way and our favorite furniture takes a hit. Even the toughest finishes (like those on a car) are […]

How to fix sticky dresser drawers

  When it comes to furniture quality, solid wood is some of the most well-made furniture on the market. But one of the drawbacks of solid wood furniture is that after time, environmental conditions often make it so that moving parts get creaky or hard to maneuver. Especially with antique furniture that has been around […]

Buying a new mattress and making it last

Once you’ve decided to invest in a new mattress, the biggest challenge is deciding which one is right for you. A quality mattresses will cost between $800 and $5000 should last for 10 to 15 years. That doesn’t mean they will not change in appearance over time but they will remain comfortable and supportive.   […]

Why Wouldn’t You Put Prices On a Website?

The advent of online shopping has been quick and many retailers are not up to where consumers want them to be. The goal is quick and complete information including prices with a button that says bring it to me. We are working toward that but it is certainly not easy for many industries. Here are […]

Christmas Greetings From Conway Furniture

My contradictory life in retail is never more at the surface than at this time of year. From thanksgiving on, consumption of the unnecessary rises to a fevered pitch and the North American retail economy jumps to an unsustainable sugar high. Of course as a retailer I participate in every event from Black Friday to […]