11 Storage Solutions to Help With Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an especially satisfying time of year for Canadians. It’s a time to refresh and renew our spaces and allow the warmer air to cleanse out the old winter air.   The reward of a clean home is not far off – you simply have to start somewhere. Check out Martha Stewart’s spring […]

Tips to Make the Most of Your Home Office

  With the flexibility and sometimes extended demands of the modern job, working from home can be a necessary part of working. If you have the space, making an extra room or an underused corner of your home into your home office is a great way to keep yourself organized for getting your work done. […]

Tips for Keeping the Living Room Organized

  Aside from the bedroom, the living room is the only other space in a home that is meant for relaxation. However, the living room tends to become the overflow place for unnecessary bits and pieces from the day. Since this is the room where guests gather and where you and your family unwind at […]