Change in Lifestyle? Change Your Furniture

January 2nd, 2018 Paul Dekker

Growing pains hurt, especially in the beginning. Often we enter an adjustment period when trying to make sense of our changing life circumstances. While at first scary, we usually end up finding ourselves through the thicket of it all, and through this successful transformation we learn to enjoy the present.

People who reach these exciting junctures tend to update their furniture collections to satisfy the needs of a changing lifestyle. Here we offer some advice on how to do that during some of the earlier milestones of a person’s life.

Graduating College Change in Lifestyle? Change Your Furniture

Those graduating from college have a whole world ahead of them. A real-world job usually means a little more in their paycheck, which is reassuring for someone who is moving into a new apartment and is budgeting their finances for the first time. Don’t turn your nose up at all furniture hand-me-downs; some of them can fit an eclectic style and allow you to put more of your money into a few quality pieces. Does your grandmother have a vintage bedroom set she might let you have so you can buy a quality mattress? Investing in quality items now will save you money in the long run when you don’t need to replace them as quickly.

Moving in as Newlyweds

This holds true for newlyweds as well; purchasing a couple standout pieces as you go is better in the long run than a house full of disposable items. Use whatever you can from your previous lives and invest in a couple transitional pieces, in neutral colours, that you know you can use for years, even when you decide to purchase a home together. A charcoal or chocolate ottoman for a smaller living room, and a round drop leaf table, which has sides that extend, are the perfect additions for when you have company over. And once again, a good mattress will last you and yours for years.

Having Children  Change in Lifestyle? Change Your Furniture

There are probably a lot of questions that younger parents have when shopping for new furniture. These questions can include, what fabrics will hide spills? What surfaces are scratch-resistant? These are excellent questions, and they are definitely things to be mindful of. Today’s new textiles are naturally resistant to stains and wear but some are especially durable. Conway’s sales professionals can help with these and other important questions (that don’t involve parenting advice).

Conway Furniture wants to be included in your exciting new transition; shop with us today!

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