7 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips for Better Sleep

January 9th, 2020 Paul Dekker
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Getting a good night’s sleep can be tricky. Sometimes you go to bed early, get your full eight hours, and wake up feeling like you only slept a wink. Other times you may just toss and turn for hours, hoping to catch at least a few solid hours before the alarm goes off.

If you’re finding it difficult to fall and stay asleep and wonder why you never seem to wake up feeling fully rested, it might be time for a bedroom makeover. Try out some of these top tips from feng shui experts for better sleep, so you can finally stop counting sheep!

1) Choose the right spot for your bed.

Bed placement is one of the most important factors in facilitating quality sleep. Ideally, your bed should be arranged against the wall opposite the door (but not directly in its path) for a sense of comfort and control. You’ll also want to avoid having your head directly under a window, to minimize distraction.

2) Use a headboard.

A headboard is highly recommended by most feng shui experts to help stabilize you as you sleep. You should choose something sturdy and supportive, preferably wooden and without any bars or holes.

3) Clear out the space under your bed.

Excess clutter prevents your Chi energy from circulating freely and promoting deep, restful sleep. Chaos around your bed can transfer into your subconscious through the night and affect your quality of sleep. Move all of your under-the-bed storage to the closet or extra room to eliminate disorder.

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4) Be careful with mirrors.

Mirrors can bring positive energy to a space with their ability to reflect light throughout the room and make it feel warm and bright.

You do, however, have to be conscious of where you put them. A mirror placed directly across from the bed, for example, can disrupt calm energy and affect your sleep as your eye catches reflected movement.

5) Choose relaxing accessories and décor.

The key to a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep is creating a serene environment that helps slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. When you’re decorating your room, choose a soothing, earthy color scheme with dim lighting and blackout curtains. Adorn the walls with art that makes you feel good and avoid odd, distracting décor.

6) Leave work out of the bedroom.

It’s can be tempting to try to make your deadline curled up in bed with your laptop. Unfortunately, work-related materials and activities stimulate your mind and prevent you from getting the quality and quantity of sleep you need. The bedroom should be for sleep and relaxation only.

Bedroom Furniture in Listowel, ON

7) Unplug & unwind.

We know this is a tough one, but electronics can have a significant negative impact on how well you sleep.

Try to limit how many and which electronics you keep and use in the bedroom. Not only do they delay sleep by distracting you at the end of the night, but the high levels of EMFs they emit mess with your energy and disrupt the quality of the sleep you do get.

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