Tips for Decorating Shared Spaces with Roommates

April 1st, 2024 Paul Dekker
smiling female roommates preparing to paint their new apartment

When you decide to move in with a friend or partner, the challenge of merging different tastes into one space arises. It may seem daunting to find a cohesive style that reflects both of your personalities, but with open communication and joint decision-making, it can be an opportunity to create a harmonious home. Considering each other’s preferences and collaborating on furniture and décor choices are key steps in this shared journey.

Here are some practical tips to help you blend styles seamlessly and ensure your living space reflects your combined aesthetics.

Open Communication

When beginning to decorate shared spaces, it is important to have an open and honest conversation with everyone involved. This conversation should cover each person’s style preferences and functional needs for the space. You should discuss your must-haves, deal-breakers, and areas where you’re willing to compromise. By having this initial dialogue, you can set a collaborative tone and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in the decorating process.

Set a Budget

Money can often lead to disagreements, especially when it comes to decorating expenses. Therefore, it is important to establish a shared budget early on. You should decide how the costs will be divided, whether it will be shared equally, by item, or based on individual contributions to the space. A clear and agreed budget helps manage expectations and avoid any financial disputes in the future.

Create a Unified Theme

A unified theme or colour scheme can help bring a space together and merge various decorating styles. It is best to go for neutral shades for bigger things such as sofas and rugs, allowing you to express your personal style through smaller, easily replaceable items like throw pillows, art pieces, and decorative objects.

Personalize Individual Spaces

While the shared areas should reflect a blend of everyone’s tastes, bedrooms are the perfect canvas for individual expression. Encourage roommates to personalize their rooms, providing a retreat where each person can fully express their style.

Mix and Match with Care

Incorporating a variety of textures, patterns, and materials can add depth and interest to your shared space. However, balance is key. Aim to mix elements in a way that feels intentional and cohesive rather than chaotic. Establishing a few unifying elements, like a consistent colour or material, can help disparate pieces feel part of a whole.

Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture

In shared living situations, space is often at a premium. Opt for multi-functional furniture that maximizes utility without sacrificing style. Think sofa beds for guest accommodations, ottomans with storage, or extendable dining tables. These pieces offer flexibility and make the most of your shared spaces.

Respect Personal Items

When merging households, it’s important to remember that each person’s personal items hold sentimental value. By respecting these belongings and finding a place for them within your shared décor, you’re fostering a sense of understanding and respect among roommates, which is crucial for a harmonious living environment.

Rotate Décor

Consider rotating décor items seasonally or as agreed upon to keep the shared spaces fresh and ensure everyone’s style is represented over time. This can be an enjoyable way to celebrate change and keep the décor dynamic and inclusive.

Establish a Cleaning and Maintenance Routine

A well-decorated space is only as appealing as it is clean and well-maintained. Establish a cleaning routine that shares responsibilities fairly, ensuring the space remains inviting and comfortable.

Be Open to Change

As time passes, tastes and preferences can evolve. Remain open to adjusting your shared décor, accommodating new inspirations, and ensuring the space feels like home to everyone.

By setting clear expectations, respecting individual styles, and making inclusive decisions, you can create a welcoming environment accommodating everyone’s tastes and preferences!

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