Conway’s Quick Guide to Furniture Shopping

January 18th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Whether you are replacing one piece of furniture in your home or starting from scratch on a whole room, furniture shopping can be intimidating; there are so many choices, at so many price points, from so many sources!

Here are a few tips from Conway Furniture that will make your shopping trip go a little more smoothly.  Conway’s Quick Guide to Furniture Shopping

Plan Ahead

Prepare for your shopping trip by closing in on what you want beforehand. Don’t be afraid of sales associates; they are there to help you find what is best out of all the options available. They will be better able to help if you know what you know the general direction you are going with your décor and design.

To get a general idea, collect pictures from places like shelter magazines or Pinterest showing the style you are after, and be sure to take pictures and measurements of pieces of furniture you are keeping.

The measurements of your room are also important; take the time to think out a floor plan. An area rug or a favourite picture that you are keeping in your plan can be a great source for colour inspiration.

Practicality First girl using laptop at coffee table

The emotional connection to a new piece of furniture should be evident, but buying the white cotton sofa you love for the TV room that your young family of boys spends all of their free time in is inviting trouble. Maybe place it in a room reserved for company, but where family time is occasionally invited. Focus on the usage first and then let’s see if we can get closer to your dream room.

Fashion Second

Choose the colours you want to live with. It is always wise to purchase major pieces in fairly neutral base fabrics and add colour with accents so they can be changed from time to time without major expense.

Know Your Style

Words like “traditional”, “rustic”, and “transitional” relate to different styles of decorating, but the interpretation of what each of these entails is a little arbitrary as a picture tells a better story. Either way, do a little research to know what look you are after to keep consistency in your room and home. Don’t get too hung up on everything matching. Some of the best designed rooms incorporate an eclectic style that includes pieces that would fit in different categories.

Conway’s Quick Guide to Furniture Shopping Tips on Solid Wood

Many people feel that anything less than solid wood is not real furniture (or flooring). There certainly are cheap products with a photo of wood glued to fibre board that will not stand up to the test of time, but might be a cost effective temporary storage solution.

Not all woods are created equal. Pine and walnut offer great looks but are soft woods that will show the patina of aging (a nice way to say scratches and dents). Maple and cherry are harder woods and are best for desks, dining, and anyone who doesn’t like a rustic look.

It can be a real advantage to work with our professional sales associates who can answer your questions and guide you through all the choices on your shopping trip. See what we have in stock, and then visit us at our Listowel, Ontario location today!

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