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March 26th, 2015 Paul Dekker

Decorating 101 Conway Furniture

Every now and then someone has the unique opportunity to start a room from scratch. Maybe one of the children head off to school and take the old furniture. Perhaps you’re moving to a new house with rooms that didn’t exist in the old house. For whatever reason, there you are with 4 walls and a budget. While this sounds like a dream come true (for the shopper and the store) it can create some challenges.



With nothing to dictate otherwise you have the complete spectrum of colours to choose from, not to mention all the combinations thereof. Don’t panic. Is there something you would like to start with; a piece of wall art that you love? Maybe you have a gift from someone special, or a family heirloom that should be a part of the new decor? These can give clues to the colour palette you could use for the project. I would suggest selecting upholstery and area rugs first so paint colors can be tweaked to match and blend.



If you’re still basically old school this is a good time to turn to the decorator magazines. Today Pinterest holds a portfolio of room scenes that would fill several volumes. Either way, find some looks that you like and that you could live with. Clean and contemporary or warm and casual; whatever suites your taste and your lifestyle. Keep in mind the space you are working with and whether there are other design elements you will need to blend with.



To some degree space will dictate what you can do with a room. Features like fireplaces, windows and doors will determine what your size limits are. Make sure the furniture won’t impede the traffic flow areas through a room as well. Large open areas often require furniture placement where the backs will be exposed. Many sofas, reclining sofas and modular sectionals for example, do not appear very tidy from the back.



It’s always good to have a second opinion and a trusted friend can be an asset. Remember that it is your room to live in, just saying. There are professionals such as designers who you can pay to help with the project if you don’t have the time or don’t want the stress. Many sales associates at furniture stores like Conway Furniture will be glad to sit down and sketch out your project with you no charge and in many cases can offer great solutions to your decorating problems.


Have Fun!

There is no single right solution to decorating questions so don’t stress over it.


Paul Dekker

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