How to Style an End Table

How often do you really think about the end tables in your home? If we had to guess, we’d say probably not very often. However, these tables offer valuable decorating real estate that you may be underutilizing.  Rather than viewing your end tables as a place to toss the remote and loose odds and ends […]

Five Furniture Pieces That Work in Every Home

When it comes to furniture shopping, most individuals look for versatile pieces that will stay with them for years to come, even if the colors of their walls and décor items change. Although some home furnishings can be tough to transition from room to room, there are many others that look great in any living […]

Decorating 101

Every now and then someone has the unique opportunity to start a room from scratch. Maybe one of the children head off to school and take the old furniture. Perhaps you’re moving to a new house with rooms that didn’t exist in the old house. For whatever reason, there you are with 4 walls and […]

Tips for Matching Your Furniture to Your Home

  While shopping for a new piece of furniture, people often keep standards and limitations in the back of the mind. Of course, you should be meticulous about your furniture, as it reflects your home and personality. Just remember to be picky about the right things, otherwise you could prevent yourself from adding a really […]