Tips for Matching Your Furniture to Your Home

June 18th, 2013 Paul Dekker


While shopping for a new piece of furniture, people often keep standards and limitations in the back of the mind. Of course, you should be meticulous about your furniture, as it reflects your home and personality. Just remember to be picky about the right things, otherwise you could prevent yourself from adding a really awesome addition to your home. In a way, choosing your furniture is a lot like dating.


Many people worry about matching the new furniture to home’s existing aesthetics, and this is something you should never do. You can easily paint walls to complement a piece of furniture that you love. Moreover, walls could use a fresh coat of paint more often than homeowners usually give them.


Look at the natural lighting of a room before you decide on a color. A room with many windows can handle darker paints because the natural light prevents the room from feeling dark or depressing. So, you don’t want to consider the paint, but you must consider the space and lighting in a room.


Small spaces should be bright or light colors; it will make them feel bigger and more comfortable. Dark couches and walls should go in larger rooms, especially rooms with windows.


If you opted for busy prints or bright colors on any of your upholstery, you’ll most likely want to go with a neutral color scheme for the rest of the room, try not to go beyond beige and off-white.


If you’re up for trying something new, consider contrasting colors for a modern, contemporary look. Lime green walls pair perfectly with bright oranges, blues, or reds.


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