Tips for Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

December 14th, 2017 Paul Dekker

You dreamed of the little airplanes in Timmy’s room or the sweet little bears all dressed in pink that adorn Sarah’s walls. Your child used to love them, but then they grew up. Who gave them permission to do that, anyway? Now that your child is older, it’s time for a bedroom that reflects more of their style and not yours.

Take a look at some of our tips for decorating a growing child’s bedroom that will make it a fun experience the two of you can share.

Have Room for Guests Tips for Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

Even if you only have one child in the room, consider a bed that allows at least two to sleep. A simple trundle bed or this Crate Twin Over Double Bunk is perfect for maximizing sleeping space.

With the extra space, your child can host sleepovers with their best friends. The larger bed on bottom is also perfect for sneaking in a few extra cuddles as you read a story together before bed.

Create a Work Area

Even though your child may hate the idea of homework, they’ll appreciate having their own little spot to go and work on it every day. Let them choose the desk and even where it should go in the room to get them excited about the space.

Think outside of the box when it comes to seating. Something that can be dual purpose, like this Chalet Bench, makes a nice place to sit at the desk. Your child can move it around to watch television in the room or have a quick place to sit while getting dressed.

Look for Hidden Storage Options

If you can find a functional piece of furniture that also has some storage space in it, you’ve struck gold. Many people think of storage ottomans and the like, but what about the bedside table?

A simple nightstand can hold an alarm clock and a bedside lamp, but that doesn’t have to be its only function! This classic night stand has a drawer for their treasures and a shelf below that can hold favorite books or other small items.

So, when it comes time to decorating your child’s bedroom, we hope you’ll keep these tips in mind and have fun with it. Remember, Conway Furniture has high-quality pieces at low prices that make this new stage a little easier.

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