Making the Most of a Small Bedroom

October 20th, 2016 Paul Dekker

Your bedroom is more than just a place to store your clothes and sleep at night. It is the room in your home that allows you to express your personality and style the most. With the walls painted in your favorite hue and all the items you love most hung up and arranged throughout, your bedroom is arguably the best place to relax and unwind with a good book, magazine or cup of tea.

Sometimes – especially if your bedroom is small – you can lose sight of these feelings of calmness and tranquility, instead feeling confined and a bit overwhelmed by all of the clutter meant to be kept within these four walls. If you are facing small bedroom woes, there are a few different techniques that you can try to refresh and restructure your room to make it your own peaceful retreat.

Incorporate Mirrors

The thing we love most about mirrors is the ability they have to make a small space seem larger. Not only do they play a trick on the eye, but they also reflect the light available in a room, adding brightness and natural light.001

There are so many options to consider when hanging a mirror (or mirrors) in your room, allowing you plenty of creativity. Hang a large mirror above your dresser, or a few tiny ones on the wall across from your window. Regardless of where you make this stylish addition to your small bedroom, it will surely seem larger and brighter when your project is complete.

Make Use of the Walls

In a small bedroom, surface area can be short, which often leads bedside tables and dresser tops to become cluttered. To help keep these surfaces clean, make use of an area you have in abundance; the walls.

Instead of using table lamps to add an extra layer of light, opt for wall scones. Placed above your bedside tables, they will function as reading lamps just as well, and will add an extra layer of depth to your room while giving you extra table space to work with.

Shelving is another space-saving option for your bedroom. The right shelves will do much more than display your possessions, they will show of your interior design style and add an extra touch of style to a bedroom that needs more surface area.

Keep Furniture Small

000When decorating a small bedroom, the most important technique is to choose the right furniture pieces in the right size. Less is more when it comes to small spaces, so stick to the essential furniture items and choose styles that are sleek in design.

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