Creating a Kid-Friendly Home Environment

January 20th, 2016 Paul Dekker

little boy and his baby sister in living room
There is nothing more exciting than finding out that you are expecting your first child, but with young children come a lot of worries, including whether or not your home is safe enough for when they start to crawl. Having a family doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home, but you may have to make some adjustments to keep stains and injuries at bay.

Rounded Edges

Toddlers are bound to end up with a few bumps and bruises as they are learning to walk, but furniture with square edges can make these injuries worse. When looking for low-to-the-ground furniture like a coffee table, rounded edges are a great option. Love the appearance of a glass-topped table? Don’t let the little ones stop you. Easy to wipe down, a glass-top table like this one will have no problem holding up to your family.

Leather Couches

Versatile, comfortable and attractive, leather furniture is also extraordinarily easy to keep clean. Sticky fingerprints and breakfast crumbs can easily be wiped off of leather couches, allowing you enjoy time with your family and entertain guests in the same space. This rolled arm sofa is a stylish and popular option that is kid-friendly too!

Patterned Carpets

While hardwood and vinyl flooring are more durable, carpeting is much nicer to play on with your little ones. With the little ones however, spills are almost as common as dirty diapers. So whether you are using area rugs or wall to wall carpeting, a darker, patterned rug will cover stains with ease. If you prefer lighter flooring don’t worry too much, newer materials are quite easy to keep clean. Look for a tight pile for durability and perhaps with a texture for ease of care.
As your family grows and you start looking for kid-friendly furniture, Conway Furniture has everything you need to create a comfortable yet stylish environment. Start shopping with us online, then visit our Listowel, Ontario showroom at 5663 Line 86 to find furniture your whole family can enjoy.

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