Making Use of Dining Room Furniture

January 14th, 2013

We all know someone who is guilty of this. This culprit may even be you, but you know the crime. Everyone knows at least one dining room table that went unused for ages. This is a stand against tables “for show”. Now, it is one thing to use a table rarely, to keep its condition nice- but it is another to let it go fourteen years without hosting a meal once.

The only thing a show dining room does is- well, show that there is a nice table in the room. Well, that is cool and all- but shouldn’t you get more out of your money? You know, more bang for your buck? Use the table, it is okay. There is no shame in breaking loose from the banalities of traditional life, use the table. You’ll feel liberated and ready to make more positive changes in your life.

The trick is to motivate yourself with a delicious recipe. Make a family dinner, and ignore the strange looks for using the forbidden table. Explain that positive change is good, and plan to use the table more often. When you get into the groove, try employing these awesome centerpiece tips from decoist.

When looking for motivation, think of all the different seasons and themse you can decorate the dining room around. Now is the time to get use out of the most beautiful room in your house. Take a look at some of these stunning photos from Houzz.



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