Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Room Theme

February 12th, 2013 Paul Dekker


The shape of a room, the windows, and the furniture all determine the theme of your decor. You may think that the accessories and decorations control the theme, but replace an antique table with a glass one and you have a very different room!


There are millions of themes and ideas for making your room fun and inviting, but the furniture you select could limit you to specific themes and eras. For example, you wouldn’t want to place a bright modern couch in your rustic themed den.


Rustic Furniture & Themes

Rustic themes give your room a country or rural look. These themes fit great in dens and bedrooms because they bring the room back to a simpler time, making it cozy and relaxing. The indigenous styles of the pass bring us back to our roots and away from the overwhelming technology that we see in our everyday routines. Stone fireplaces, hardwood floors, and cabin-like architecture help add to this theme. You can use old furniture, mason jars, and lantern-esque lighting to bring the feeling of the wilderness into your home. Large dining tables, wooden benches, and large armoires or chests are the furniture styles that will help with a rustic theme.

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Contemporary Furniture & Themes


Contemporary themes tend to keep up with the latest styles and modern trends. Vibrant and opposing colors are necessary for creating a modern look. Try spicing your furniture up with contrasting themes, like a teal couch with orange pillows.

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