Great Ideas for Re-Purposing Old Furniture

Just because you have purchased new furniture doesn’t mean you can’t find something really inventive to do with the old. Re-purposing old furniture is a great way of adding uniqueness to a space. This solution is also phenomenal for dated pieces you can’t bear to throw away.   Antique, vintage and even just plain old […]

Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Room Theme

  The shape of a room, the windows, and the furniture all determine the theme of your decor. You may think that the accessories and decorations control the theme, but replace an antique table with a glass one and you have a very different room!   There are millions of themes and ideas for making […]

Recycling Old Furniture: DIY Ideas, Donating, and Curb Alert!

New furniture in any room is determined to improve the mood of anyone who enters the room. The new furniture smell, the aesthetics, and the overall purchase invoke a happy and successful mood in the room. We do not need to tell you how awesome new furniture is, you already know!   Unfortunately, most people […]