Ideas for the Modern Man Cave

February 5th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Once upon a time, man caves were relatively straightforward and simple spaces. They usually included things like the old living room couch that had long been replaced by a newer model, a hodgepodge of used furniture from other parts of the house, and a TV. Most man caves were very no-frills in the beginning.

More and more men, however, are spending a lot of time, effort, and money into putting their modern spins on the traditional man cave. Here we have made some suggestions for your own.Ideas for the Modern Man Cave

One of the things many men are doing to man caves is outfitting them with themes. Some have turned their man caves into arcades, complete with old-school video game consoles, neon signs, and more. Others have given their man caves the feel of a sports bar. The walls are decorated with sports signs and jerseys, while the bar is built and features numerous TVs, bar stools, taps, and more.

How about a home-theatre themed cave, complete with power recline home-theater seating? ThereIdeas for the Modern Man Cave are also men who have gone in the opposite direction and given their man cave a sophisticated makeover. The TVs and football games are still there, but there are also chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and rich mahogany furniture situated everywhere (and maybe some leather-bound books for effect).

The truth is that you have the freedom to do just about whatever you want with your man cave these days. Back when “man cave” was still a very loose concept, dear old dad didn’t have much say over how a man cave was decorated. He put whatever he could get his hands on in his man cave without worrying much about how it looked. But in 2018, man caves are becoming feature rooms within homes and could very well increase the value of your property if you set your man cave up right. It’s why you should spend a little extra time working on yours.

Conway Furniture can help you find the furniture you need to put your man cave over the top. From beautiful bar stools to comfortable recliner sofas, you can let your imagination run wild. Call us at 519-291-3820 today to start picking out furniture for your man cave or stop by to see what we have in stock.

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