How Furniture Placement Affects Your Mood

The aesthetics in a room begin and end with the way the furniture sits against certain shapes. Colors also have a substantial effect on the mood a room will emit, meaning everything must work in synergy to improve your quality of life. Furniture Layout First, think of the walls and windows in the room, and […]

Replace Your Mattress Every Seven Years

How often are you replacing your mattress?   If you have ever slept on a bad mattress you know the kind of stress your body aches from in the morning. People spend an average of eight hours a night sleeping. During the crucial time for sleep, your body absolutely has to be comfortable.   Your […]

Why Are Headboards Necessary?

Maybe the better question for this would be, are headboards necessary at all? Well, while headboards are not an absolute necessity, you’ll definitely want to consider one for your bed, for a few different reasons. Counteracts Baseboard Molding Most houses and apartments have molding at the base of the walls. While this usually looks nice […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying an Entertainment Center

If you’re in the market for an entertainment center, you can’t just go out and buy the first one in your price range that looks nice. You have some things to consider, just the same as with any home furnishings. So, ask yourself these questions: Where will it go? First, you need to figure out […]