4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Dining Room Table

December 31st, 2013 blogc

Dining tables play an important role for bringing family and friends together to celebrate special occasions, for having a delicious meal or discussing the day’s events. Traditional dining rooms are being replaced by eat-in kitchens, but you’ll still need a table large enough for family and frequent company.

With a busy lifestyle, you might not notice that your dining table is lacking appeal, convenience and functionality in your home. Look out for these telltale signs that it’s time to browse furniture stores for a new table and chair set!

Dining Room Furniture in Listowel, ON

1.) You start to outgrow it.

A table should be replaced when the number of seating is no longer acceptable for people you’re feeding. If you’re finding that family and friends have to eat elsewhere or you have to try and fit those folding chairs around the table, that’s a sign you need to upgrade to a larger table.

2.) Your table is starting to deteriorate.

2. The table begins to sag, crack or squeak. Just like all other furniture, tables endure wear and tear and often, become beyond repair. A helpful tip: tables made of 100% wood will last 20 years or more and can withstand daily use.

3.) It’s losing it’s quality.

Hot food has caused faded spots in the stain or grain of the wood, which can ruin the integrity and beauty of the table. Many older dining room sets don’t have a protective seal on the surface. Some people have a dining table for aesthetic appeal and serve food on an island or kitchen countertop. However, if your table is often the resting place for hot plates, you should have protection to provide a barrier against heat.

4.) It doesn’t match your style.

The table has outgrown the décor of the space. There are so many choices available for table design. By upgrading your table you could create a main focal point to tie together the décor you desire.

If it sounds like your dining room is in need of a furniture upgrade, check out the beautifully crafted sets we have available at Conway Furniture! Enjoy your next meal and make new family memories at one of our quality tables!


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