Home Office Furniture and Decor Ideas

  Working from home is attractive to many workers, and the trend seems to be growing. Sure, you have to work for yourself and filing taxes is a bit more arduous, but the benefits are awesome and inimitable; it’s worth it! More people are “getting it” and opting for an in-home office. Not only do […]

Furniture to Make your Home Office More Inviting

  What can you do to add to the welcoming environment of your office?   If you have a home business, then it is very important that you make your office space inviting to your clients. If potential clients walk in and feel un-welcomed or awkward then there is a good chance they will not […]

5 Tips for Giving Your Office a Refresh

Believe it or not, it is possible to refurnish and remodel your office without breaking a budget, and without having to completely remodel! You can use the 5 tips below, along with a mix of modern office and home furniture to create an attractive and contemporary look. 1.) Make space. The aged look of a […]

Redecorating the Office for 2013: Part One

    What Are the Office Furniture Trends for 2013?   Office decorating styles and trends have changed dramatically over the last decade, and it’s time for everyone to start following the trend. This is the first post in a two-part blog session, which will cover the trends of office furniture in 2013.   Time […]