Redecorating the Office for 2013: Part One

April 20th, 2013 Paul Dekker



What Are the Office Furniture Trends for 2013?


Office decorating styles and trends have changed dramatically over the last decade, and it’s time for everyone to start following the trend. This is the first post in a two-part blog session, which will cover the trends of office furniture in 2013.


Time and technology have advanced significantly in the past decade, meaning that offices and businesses have had to advance their systems to remain on the cutting-edge of their industries. While protocol and equipment may have advanced, it seems that up until recently, many offices have forgotten about the furniture and décor.


Luckily, proprietors and business owners are remodeling and revamping their offices to improve the aesthetics for clients and to attract younger, innovative employees.


America’s offices used to consist of cubicles, and outdated furniture pieces, along with motivational posters and the occasional office plant. Now, you’ll find many offices have a modern, contemporary look that includes wide-open spaces and room for collaborations and meetings.


Businesses are beginning to realize that they have to change their environment to attract and motivate new employees.


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Check back with us on Monday April 22nd, for part two of Redecorating The Office for 2013.

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