Home Office Furniture and Decor Ideas

July 15th, 2013 Paul Dekker


Working from home is attractive to many workers, and the trend seems to be growing. Sure, you have to work for yourself and filing taxes is a bit more arduous, but the benefits are awesome and inimitable; it’s worth it! More people are “getting it” and opting for an in-home office. Not only do you have a respite from office politics and social hierarchies, but you also have a great excuse to redecorate a room and spoil yourself while doing so.


Creating your home office all depends on the type of work you need to perform. A counselor or tutor may need a large comfortable office, whereas a writer needs a relaxing, quiet room with little distraction. 


First, you must determine your primary focus, and choose your furniture accordingly. Once you do that, you can start adding your personality to the room to make it your sanctuary.



    • Choose the right room for your needs. For example, if you work more than you entertain, consider setting up your office in your current dining area. 


    • Never underestimate the power of excessive storage. Décor, gadgets, books, and supplies are much easier to organize when they have a designated home.


    • There’s a reason the law requires us to take breaks; don’t overwork yourself. Keep something mildly stimulating in the room, like a stress ball or a Rubik’s cube- avoid things like handheld games or tablets, as they could be a big distraction.


    • Keep a walking area in front of a window available; get up and absorb sunshine often to increase productivity


    • If you spend a lot of time in the office, consider investing in high quality desks, desk chairs, and technology. A good, custom-built desktop can last a few years- and as far as the chair, well you just can’t put a price on your spine’s well-being!


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