How To Choose The Perfect Bed For Your Master Bedroom

August 19th, 2013 Paul Dekker

The bed you lay your head on every night is most important for a good night’s sleep, but it also serves as a decorative focal point. If you’ve become tired of your current bed, there are a few things to consider before you peruse furniture stores.

Buying a bed is a large investment for several reasons. One, (and again) it has to be comfortable for your sweet dreams and two, you’ll more than likely have it for the next 15 to 20 years so you better be sure to like it. Make sure you keep these tips in mind when you’re searching for your new bed!

Bedroom Furniture in ON

Measure first.

You can’t possibly choose the perfect bed simply by looking at it. Take dimensions of the room to determine the size of bed that will fit properly.  This is critical if you plan on upgrading from let’s say a double bed to a queen or king.

Be practical.

Don’t forget to consider how you’ll get your bed from the truck to your bedroom. Do you have to transport up or down stairs? How about low ceilings? Do you have narrow doorways that could pose a problem? All of these situations will affect your purchasing options.

Determine your budget.

Take a look at your finances. A more intricate bed will undoubtedly cost a lot more than a bed with a simple headboard, foot board and frame. Knowing how much you can afford to spend will also narrow down on the stores you can visit.

Factor in style and space.

Do you have a decorative theme to your bedroom? Modern decor will match with a metal or brass-framed bed rather than a distressed wooden bed, which better suits rustic decor.

It is common nowadays to find beds with built-in storage like drawers and shelves. Is this something you need? If so, take into consideration that you’ll have to tack onto the amount of available space in the room.

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