Why Are Headboards Necessary?

September 28th, 2012 Paul Dekker

Maybe the better question for this would be, are headboards necessary at all? Well, while headboards are not an absolute necessity, you’ll definitely want to consider one for your bed, for a few different reasons.

Bedroom Furniture in Listowel, Ontario

Counteracts Baseboard Molding

Most houses and apartments have molding at the base of the walls. While this usually looks nice and is a good aspect of home construction, it also limits how close some beds can get to the wall. In cases where the molding protrudes from the wall a bit, this can cause your pillows to fall behind the bed at night. A headboard will prevent this from happening.

Prevents Sliding

A lot of us like to read or sit up and watch television in bed before falling asleep. Without a headboard, one must sit up against the wall to do these and, depending on your floor, your weight can cause your bed to slip away from the wall. This will get really annoying and you will spend plenty of energy putting your bed back in place. A headboard will make it so this never happens.


A headboard can really bring the look of your entire room together. While the bedframe itself might look nice, it can go unnoticed since it’s covered by your sheets and your mattress. A headboard will make the look of your bed really pop.

While you might be thinking, “Who’s going to see my bedroom? It’s not like I’ll have company in there?” And that’s a fair point. But, you’ll end up spending a lot of time in your bedroom, whether alone or with your spouse or even your kids, so you’ll want it to look nicely furnished simply to please yourself!

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