How to Incorporate Rustic and Vintage Charm into a Room

Two of the most popular design trends today are rustic and vintage. Vintage décor is any piece that is 30 to 100 years old. A true vintage piece is one that best represents the style of the period it was made. Rustic is best described as pieces that are simplistic and charming. Most people relate […]

How To Choose The Perfect Bed For Your Master Bedroom

The bed you lay your head on every night is most important for a good night’s sleep, but it also serves as a decorative focal point. If you’ve become tired of your current bed, there are a few things to consider before you peruse furniture stores. Buying a bed is a large investment for several […]

Home Office Furniture and Decor Ideas

  Working from home is attractive to many workers, and the trend seems to be growing. Sure, you have to work for yourself and filing taxes is a bit more arduous, but the benefits are awesome and inimitable; it’s worth it! More people are “getting it” and opting for an in-home office. Not only do […]

Creating a Rustic Look for Your Cottage

Half the fun and excitement of purchasing your new cottage is decorating it. From a traditional wood camp style, to a more modern natural design, there are myriad of possibilities to be creative and have fun. Fortunately, there are many diverse and stylish ways to bring that comfort and rustic feeling into your new camp […]

Keeping Kids Off Furniture

  We all believed the floor was lava at one point, jumping from a loveseat to a couch, and then from a chair, to a table. Well, now we’re learning that the game is a lot more fun for kids than the adults who pay good money for their furniture.   It’s completely reasonable to […]

Tips for Matching Your Furniture to Your Home

  While shopping for a new piece of furniture, people often keep standards and limitations in the back of the mind. Of course, you should be meticulous about your furniture, as it reflects your home and personality. Just remember to be picky about the right things, otherwise you could prevent yourself from adding a really […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Dining Room Table

Your dining room table should serve as a congregation area for you and your loved ones, but it should also represent your family.  With a myriad of styles available, how can you select the best option for you? Start by taking these important factors into consideration as you shop around for your new dining room […]

How To Find Your Dream Couch

Few pieces of furniture have a more significant impact on a person’s home than a couch does.  Not only can a couch make a room more aesthetically pleasing; it’s also the place where many homeowners spend their leisure time.  For many of us, our couch is the place where we watch our favorite television programs, […]

Furniture to Make your Home Office More Inviting

  What can you do to add to the welcoming environment of your office?   If you have a home business, then it is very important that you make your office space inviting to your clients. If potential clients walk in and feel un-welcomed or awkward then there is a good chance they will not […]

Using Entertainment Centers, and Table Storage to Organize Living Rooms

    Living rooms have evolved into your home’s epicenter of fun. They have become a place where families gather to play games, hang out, and create lasting memories. In order to make the best memories and utilize your living room space effectively, it is important to have adequate storage for all of your electronics. […]