Finding the Right Recliner for Your Body

We spend a lot of your lives in a seated positon, both at work and at home. Regardless of your reason for wanting to kick back and unwind, Conway Furniture has some seating solutions that will make you feel like the king or queen of your own palace. Check out a few of these reclining […]

Purchasing a Sofa versus a Sectional

When purchasing furniture for your home, you should really consider what will work best for you and your space. Furniture is meant to last a long time and you want to ensure that you are purchasing something that you will not quickly grow tired of. Furniture makes your home feel comfortable and often serves as […]

Styling Your Leather Furniture

  No matter your home’s style, leather furniture is a beautiful and comfortable option for your living room. A classic choice that will look great regardless of how many times you change the wall color and accent pillows, there are so many ways to compliment a durable and long-lasting leather sofa.   Modern With bold […]

Finding Your Ideal Coffee Table

  Located right in the middle of the living room, your coffee table has to hold up to a lot of wear and tear. The perfect spot for your kids to color, your feet to rest and family game night to be held, the coffee table is an important centerpiece to the most-used room in […]

Choosing Genuine Leather

    If you are looking to purchase new furniture with a classic look, genuine leather is the first option that comes to mind. Why genuine leather? A durable and comfortable choice for your home, each piece is unique, yet timeless enough to compliment any design changes you will make throughout the years. Here at […]

Tips and Tricks to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

There are many ways to make a small living area appear bigger. Follow these tips and tricks to make to most of your space:   Color   Instead of leaving the trim and ceiling white, tie them in with the rest of the room to create a more open look. For the ceiling, choose a shade […]

Eclectic Decorating

We’ve all seen the stunning modern room scenes with a white leather sectional and all matching chrome furniture in front of a full wall window with a night cityscape as the backdrop. The phrase “Like something out of a magazine” came to be because almost none of us live in that lifestyle. No messy kids […]

Caring for Leather Furniture

  Leather Furniture is more than a decorating and buying decision; it is an investment decision. Purchasing high quality leather furniture pieces can provide you with a lifetime of comfort and refined aesthetic décor.   Quality leather furniture should be designed inside and out to withstand the test of time and the rigor of daily […]

How Often Should You Replace A Couch or Loveseat?

Furnishing a home is a big project, and one of the most important pieces you’ll need to purchase is a couch. On a couch is the place where you’ll spend a good majority of the time when entertaining friends and family, lazy Sunday afternoons and in the evenings when you’re exhausted from the workday.   […]

Microfiber and Leather Couches work with Kids and Pets

  Getting new furniture right when you get a new pet or when you have kids probably seems like the world’s worst idea, but it’s actually really efficient. Here’s why- you’re expecting pets and children to ruin the couch. Then you figure you’ll just buy a new one when they move out, and the couch […]