Caring for Leather Furniture

February 19th, 2015 Paul Dekker

Leather Sofa Care


Leather Furniture is more than a decorating and buying decision; it is an investment decision. Purchasing high quality leather furniture pieces can provide you with a lifetime of comfort and refined aesthetic décor.


Quality leather furniture should be designed inside and out to withstand the test of time and the rigor of daily life. A hardwood frame construction and upholstered with top grain leather will do its best to serve you well. Top grain leather will actually improve with age. With a deepening patina and a supple feel, aging leather actually gets more comfortable with passing time.


Real leather hide will host variations in color and reveal markings unique in each piece. Through the curing and treatment of hide many markings are diminished but can be found on close inspection. Wrinkles, barbed wire scares and even brands in the grain should be considered part of the distressed character of true quality leather.


Leather is somewhat more durable than upholstery fabric but it is still porous and requires care. Different grades of leather are treated differently with high grades generally being less treated in terms of chemical protection thus leaving them supple but also more delicate. You will need to maintain your leather accordingly. Leather should be dusted regularly. If your leather piece is subjected to a spill it should be tended to immediately – like most stains, if it sits – it sets. If caught quickly, a spill can be blotted with an absorbent cloth and should dry with no apparent marking depending on what the assault was. Grease and oils should be tended to professionally. Be cautious of any soaps and test them on a less visible area before using them on the stain. Leather should be conditioned occasionally as well to maintain moisture. Mild conditioners are widely available and are simply applied by rubbing into the hide with neutral colored soft cloth such as chamois or terry.


Quality leather furniture pieces can be timeless classics. Most high quality leather pieces carry their natural coloring in hues of tans and black to deep wine colors. This lends the pieces well to the ever-changing whims of interior décor professionals. Your leather pieces should serve as your central element that is embellished by throw pillows or blankets in the latest trending patterns or fabrics. Your furniture will compliment any style window treatment or sit stoically on any floor covering.

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